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HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

HEPA vacuum cleaner is getting popular and popular because of the advantages of having those vacuums. One of the reasons is that many people are suffering the asthma or allergies and when using the HEPA filter vacuum, the air in your home will be cleaner and fresher.


This article will investigate some of the general topics related to the HEPA vacuum cleaner.


How Should You Choose Your HEPA Vacuum Cleaner?

The first thing you will need to determine is what your budget is. These vacuum cleaners can be very affordable, but they also run into the hundreds of dollars, so you need to decide just how much you want to spend.


The next decision you will have to make is whether you want an upright vacuum, a canister (which you pull around behind you), or a handheld. Each manufacturer makes a variety of HEPA products, so you should have no trouble choosing from a wide selection.


Where Should You Buy It?

It won’t take you long to realize that if you are looking for a quality HEPA vacuum cleaner, shopping in your local retail store is not the way to go. They are almost always priced at full manufacturer’s suggested retail price and in most cases you will also end up paying sales tax on the product.


More and more people are deciding that buying online is a much better option, not only because you get a better price, but you can often get the product shipped to you for free and you may not have to pay sales tax.


What Should You Expect?

When you buy your first HEPA vacuum cleaner, you might be a little surprised at how substantial it feels. These are heavy-duty vacuum cleaners for the most part and will feel heavier in your hands and certainly pick up a lot more debris than you are used to. What you will also find is that the noise may be a little louder than you are used to and this is because a stronger motor must be used to power the air through the HEPA filter.


All of these vacuum cleaners come with a warranty, which will still be good even if you buy your vacuum online. However, as long as you change the filter on a regular basis, you should have no trouble with the vacuum at all.


Should You Buy a Traditional Vacuum or a HEPA Vacuum Cleaner?

A lot of people still think that a high-quality, expensive traditional vacuum cleaner is as good as a HEPA vacuum cleaner. That may be true for households where there are no allergy or asthma sufferers and where there is no problem with mold, pet hair, or other particles in the air. However, most people find that once they have started using a vacuum with a HEPA filter, they could never imagine going back to a traditional one. Even if it costs a little bit more to buy and maintain a HEPA product, it is well worth it.


Of course most people are focused on the fact that a HEPA vacuum cleaner is designed to clean the air and remove fine particles from surfaces, but it is also an incredibly powerful vacuum cleaner. You will get the same level of standard cleaning, or even better, with a HEPA.


How Should You Care for Your New Vacuum Cleaner?

You will find HEPA vacuums that have a canister to collect debris as well as those that have a bag system, and the kind you buy will depend on what you are vacuuming (i.e. pet hair) and whether or not you want to be burdened with changing bags. If you do have a HEPA vacuum cleaner with a bag, then you should change it long before it is full. Most of these bags will have a line on it that will tell you when it is time to change it.


A HEPA vacuum cleaner that has a canister to catch the debris will usually be easier to deal with and you can empty it each time you vacuum if you want. In addition, you should always check the HEPA filter after every time you use the vacuum not only to see if it needs to be replaced, but also to ensure there are no large pieces of debris lodged into it. Depending on who you ask, you might end up replacing the filter every six months or every year, and of course much more often than that if you have animals that shed. Households with multiple cats or dogs might go through one filter a month, so consider the price of the filter when making your purchase.


Most local vacuum cleaner stores are fully prepared to repair a HEPA vacuum cleaner, but you might first want to contact the manufacturer if you are having problems, especially if it is within warranty. But as long as you maintain it as described, you should have no problems and it should last for years’ worth of regular use.