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HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

HEPA vacuum cleaner is getting popular and popular because of the advantages of having those vacuums. One of the reasons is that many people are suffering the asthma or allergies and when using the HEPA filter vacuum, the air in your home will be cleaner and fresher.


This article will investigate some of the general topics related to the HEPA vacuum cleaner.


How Should You Choose Your HEPA Vacuum Cleaner?

The first thing you will need to determine is what your budget is. These vacuum cleaners can be very affordable, but they also run into the hundreds of dollars, so you need to decide just how much you want to spend.


The next decision you will have to make is whether you want an upright vacuum, a canister (which you pull around behind you), or a handheld. Each manufacturer makes a variety of HEPA products, so you should have no trouble choosing from a wide selection.


Where Should You Buy It?

It won’t take you long to realize that if you are looking for a quality HEPA vacuum cleaner, shopping in your local retail store is not the way to go. They are almost always priced at full manufacturer’s suggested retail price and in most cases you will also end up paying sales tax on the product.


More and more people are deciding that buying online is a much better option, not only because you get a better price, but you can often get the product shipped to you for free and you may not have to pay sales tax.


What Should You Expect?

When you buy your first HEPA vacuum cleaner, you might be a little surprised at how substantial it feels. These are heavy-duty vacuum cleaners for the most part and will feel heavier in your hands and certainly pick up a lot more debris than you are used to. What you will also find is that the noise may be a little louder than you are used to and this is because a stronger motor must be used to power the air through the HEPA filter.


All of these vacuum cleaners come with a warranty, which will still be good even if you buy your vacuum online. However, as long as you change the filter on a regular basis, you should have no trouble with the vacuum at all.


Should You Buy a Traditional Vacuum or a HEPA Vacuum Cleaner?

A lot of people still think that a high-quality, expensive traditional vacuum cleaner is as good as a HEPA vacuum cleaner. That may be true for households where there are no allergy or asthma sufferers and where there is no problem with mold, pet hair, or other particles in the air. However, most people find that once they have started using a vacuum with a HEPA filter, they could never imagine going back to a traditional one. Even if it costs a little bit more to buy and maintain a HEPA product, it is well worth it.


Of course most people are focused on the fact that a HEPA vacuum cleaner is designed to clean the air and remove fine particles from surfaces, but it is also an incredibly powerful vacuum cleaner. You will get the same level of standard cleaning, or even better, with a HEPA.


How Should You Care for Your New Vacuum Cleaner?

You will find HEPA vacuums that have a canister to collect debris as well as those that have a bag system, and the kind you buy will depend on what you are vacuuming (i.e. pet hair) and whether or not you want to be burdened with changing bags. If you do have a HEPA vacuum cleaner with a bag, then you should change it long before it is full. Most of these bags will have a line on it that will tell you when it is time to change it.


A HEPA vacuum cleaner that has a canister to catch the debris will usually be easier to deal with and you can empty it each time you vacuum if you want. In addition, you should always check the HEPA filter after every time you use the vacuum not only to see if it needs to be replaced, but also to ensure there are no large pieces of debris lodged into it. Depending on who you ask, you might end up replacing the filter every six months or every year, and of course much more often than that if you have animals that shed. Households with multiple cats or dogs might go through one filter a month, so consider the price of the filter when making your purchase.


Most local vacuum cleaner stores are fully prepared to repair a HEPA vacuum cleaner, but you might first want to contact the manufacturer if you are having problems, especially if it is within warranty. But as long as you maintain it as described, you should have no problems and it should last for years’ worth of regular use.

Why go for a professional vacuum cleaner?

professional vacuum cleanerThe traditional popular vacuum cleaners like upright, canister, stick, hand held or even the robotic cleaners are very common now as it’s widely used in almost all of the household today.

But do you know that there are another type of vacuum called professional vacuum cleaner? In this article, we will discover more.

There are products of given brands that you will use once in your lifetime, and they bring about a certain invigoration that can only come for a quality product. This is what happens when you make use of a professional vacuum cleaner.

Once you have encountered such, it is almost impossible to go back to vacuum cleaning as is the norm. The beauty about professional services such as these is that when you look online, there is no shortage of brands that are not afraid to place their products in the market for strategic reasons. This confidence arises from the fact that with quality is a certain level of satisfaction.

Choosing a professional vacuum cleaner entails more than just looking for a well known brand; it also incorporates finding a brand that suits one’s needs. The concept here is that just because a vacuum cleaner has lots of features, that does not mean that it is appropriate for every individual. Matter of fact, to get the right professional vacuum cleaner, one must have their needs outlined clearly. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another, hence losing the meaning of the word professional.

This is how a standard vacuum cleaner operates: air is forced into the vacuum cleaner through motor forces powered when the switch is turned on. The air that rushes through is directed to a bag with tiny pores, and whose sole purpose is to filter the particles so that clean air is forced out. The only disadvantage of this conventional design is that when the vacuum cleaner is saturated with dirt, the pores on the bag get blocked, and this interferes with the flow of air. What is the result of this? The result is that if you use the vacuum cleaner severally, the efficiency reduces significantly over a period of time. This is because the suction power generated is directly proportional to the flow of air, and this rapidly decreases the air flow. A professional vacuum cleaner will not usually have this bag, hence eliminating the need for a reduction in suction power.

So, in the absence of the bag, how does a professional vacuum cleaner work? Such vacuum cleaners will usually rely on a filter that retains particles of a given size. While this is very effective, it is also a tad costly- but that is the essence of a professional vacuum cleaner. This technology is dependent on a number of ‘cyclones’ that spin at a very high speed, thus creating the force that is necessary to separate the dirt particles.

Such a vacuum cleaner will definitely attract the right kind of clients, especially because quality products tend to produce the desired kind of results. It is interesting to note that regardless of the brand that one goes for, what qualifies a carpet cleaner for a professional vacuum cleaner rests with the kind of results that it gives. These results vary from individual to another, depending on their expectations. Such a vacuum cleaner is a worthy investment that anyone of sound mind should get.

Find the Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner For You

Finding a good vacuum cleaner is never an easy task as there are some many types and models of vacuum available in the market now!

But in this article I am going to convince you the best type of cleaner that you can get to better clean your house. Basically people still choose between the two most popular vacuums out there, canisters or uprights.

Kiss your cleaning woes goodbye with the best canister vacuum cleaner for your home. If you aren’t already keyed in to why a canister vac could work for you over the other types, here’re a few quick pointers: think mobility, lightness and deftness.

The canister type outsmarts the regular upright models when it comes to convenience at a number of levels. At the simplest level, they’re easier to handle, they’re light and more easily mobile than the upright type and will definitely give you the edge when it comes to staircases.

Also, there’s the storage factor to think of and the canister type wins that category with ease. Hate lugging your standard upright vacuum cleaner upstairs? The canister does away with that excess weight and even lets you have better control of the cleaning process with easy handling.

Do your rooms have lost of carpeting and crevices that need vacuum cleaning? The new canister models have extended hoses and cleverly designed attachments that will takes the fuss out of vacuuming and give your home the clean it deserves.

Canister vacuum cleaners represent an evolution of sorts in design and work with the light and easy convenience of use that we have all come to expect from home gadgets that are truly contemporary.

If you’re thinking of getting a canister vacuum cleaner, you can be assured of a swifter smoother ride on your cleaning runs when you choose the right model for your needs. That’s why a little looking around will go a long way to ensure you make the choice that’s best for your home when you buy your next canister vacuum cleaner.

Do your research on the current powerhouses on the market: what’s popular, what’s selling and what’s getting serious buzz from user and industry reviewers. Work out your budget- there’s a range of models on offer from trusted names in the vacuum cleaner biz to suit most expectations. Work out the value factor for your buy- if you can push the budget to meet the price on a truly exceptional canister vacuum cleaner, go for it.

If your limiting your output on this purchase for good reasons, make sure you choose a value model from a reputed maker so you avoid any nasty surprises. After all, household cleaning appliances are an investment of sorts and being savvy about the numbers can leave you with a vacuum cleaner that will last the distance with you and always perform right.

Stick with quality and quality will stick it out with you. Make your next vacuum cleaner buy a sound one by being sure of what you need, what you want to spend, the reputation of the model you’re thinking of getting and always, always going for a reputed performer.

Also, before I stop I always ask people to test the intended vacuum at the local vacuum cleaner stores and do the price comparisons between online and offline stores. Some online stores like Amazon, Walmart offer very competitive price and they also offer free shipping.

All the best in shopping for a new vacuum!

Do You Need A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

For so many people, vacuuming the carpets and cleaning the hard floor surfaces is among the least favorite aspects of housecleaning. This is a time-consuming and often back-breaking task. When you have a robotic vacuum cleaner in your home to do this job for you, you truly take the time and effort of cleaning your home’s floors out of the equation. The machine will run without your time or effort required, and your floors will be clean soon. It really is as simple as that!

Before you buy a robotic vacuum cleaner, you may want to consider a few different things to determine if the cost of these machines is worthwhile and beneficial to you:

  • Time it takes to clean your home
  • Time you have available to clean your home
  • How many stories your home is
  • Physical limitations that make traditional cleaning difficult or impossible

When you decide that a robotic vacuum cleaner is right for you, as so many people already have, you will then need to review the models available and determine if a higher end model is right for you or if a lower-end model would work just as well. Some of the higher end models do have extra features that will provide your home with a more thorough cleaning, such as by cleaning underneath your furniture and right up to the floorboards in your home.

Whichever price point you choose to move forward with, you will find that purchasing your machine from a trusted online retailer is the best option. Online buying allows you to quickly and easily compare the various features of the models available. It also allows you to very quickly and easily do a price comparison of the models, too.

Before you make a final decision on which robotic vacuum cleaner is right for you, you will want to take a look at the warranty offered on the various machines. These machines are loaded with not just the basic mechanical features of a traditional vacuum but also with high tech features and components, too. You will want to look at the warranty information closely to ensure the manufacturer will back up their product to ensure a few years of use.

In addition, as you are price shopping for your robotic vacuum cleaner, don’t forget to take into consideration the shipping charges associated with your purchase. Some online retailers will offer free shipping, which can be a true benefit to your purchase price. Other e-retailers, however, will tack on moderate to even exorbitant shipping charges. So where you buy your machine and what their shipping charges are is an important part of your purchasing decision.


Care and Maintenance of Your Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

These machines are designed to truly be hands-free and to require minimal amounts of your time. You will, however, still need to empty the debris canister on a regular basis. Most machines will have a warning light or sound to alert you when this task needs to be completed. Because of the intelligence packed into these machines, you generally will need to seek out professional assistance if your robotic vacuum cleaner needs to be serviced. You will want to read through the warranty information for your unique machine to determine which authorized service repair shops are able to complete any repair work.

Top rated vacuum cleaners

Dealing with dust and dirt can become difficult without a vacuum cleaner, that’s why this cleaning tool can be doubtlessly called one of the most important and irreplaceable. Choosing a vacuum cleaner can turn into a nightmare, because every person can simply get lost in the huge number of offers. This group of products is presented by over a dozen brands and each of them has many different models. So, what is better canister or upright, Hoover, Miele or Dirt Devil?

The right vacuum cleaner model will be different for every particular manufacturer. In order to choose it you need to take into account specific family needs. One of the most important features, which require some special attention, is the system of dust collection and exhaust filtration.

Today many people use bag vacuum cleaners. These models collect dust and debris when air goes through the fabric or paper bag. Even though such models are pretty cheap, they don’t capture many allergens and don’t perform well when the bag is full.

Also, most manufacturers of the top rated vacuum cleaners try to go away from the bagged vacuums and produce the bagless ones. In simple, non-cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaners bag is replaced with the plastic container. That way you don’t need to spend money on reusable bags.

Modern bagless vacuum cleaners also try to solve the problem of exhausting not completely filtered air. Models with cyclonic separation make the incoming air spin so fast, that the dust falls into a storage cup and the exhausted air is clean.

Another effective filtration system is water filtration. When the air goes through water, dust gets wet and can’t be airborne. Some models also have an ultra fine air filter. It’s either fibrous material or charcoal, that removes the dust, remained after going through the main filter. If someone in your family has allergies, high level of filtration is necessary. But remember, that this factor has a major impact on price of device.


Types of Vacuums and Recommended Models

When you buy a vacuum cleaner, one of the main questions to answer is which types of surfaces prevail in your house? Of course there are many other factors that you need to consider in order to get a reliable vacuum.

For example, other characteristics to consider are height and weight of the vacuum cleaner. Some models clean the surfaces perfectly, but at the same time, they can be too heavy or too low and make you bend over the handle. Take into account, that additional features also make a vacuum cleaner heavier. Remember, that it will be very uncomfortable to do regular cleaning with a ponderous device.

A trial-and-error method is not something you want to use, buying expensive household appliances. You have to get the best combination of price, quality and number of options from the respectable trademark, and that is why you should simply choose one of the top rated vacuum cleaners the market leaders in each category.

In the following section, I will try to explain the types of vacuum that you can get as well as the recommended models.


Why Canister Vacuum?

If there is much tile or wood flooring, canister models would work the best. They have a wand for switching between vacuum heads and a flexible hose that is connected to body, mounted on wheels. The motor and dust collector are hidden inside of the body. Flexibility and possibility to attach different heads for different cleaning tasks is the main advantage of canister vacuum cleaners.

If you are looking for the powerful canister vacuum cleaner, than pick it from Miele S8 series. These top rated vacuum cleaners show a perfect performance on carpeting, bare floor and fabric and have a low weight. Top bagged model is Miele S8590 Alize. If you are looking for less expensive model, then you can go for Miele S2121 Olympus, while the top bagless model is Dyson DC39 Origin canister vacuum.


Getting the Popular Upright Vacuum?

If you have more carpeting, then look for your variant among the upright models. They have the cleaning head with attached cleaning bag and handle. Uprights usually employ some type of beater brush. They remove the dust and dirt using the combination of sweeping and vibrations. Although they work the best for carpeting, they can damage wood flooring or laminate. If you need to do some flooring with the upright vacuum cleaner, look for the model with metal bottom plate. Make sure you can adjust the height of upright vacuum cleaner to different types of vacuuming.

Those, who stopped their choice on upright models, should check out one of top rated vacuum cleaners – the bagless Dyson DC65 Animal with Radial Root Cyclone technology. It has an outstanding suction power and highest level of filtration, although its price is pretty high. If you are looking for cheap and functional vacuum cleaner, then Bissell CleanView Upright with OnePass, 9595A will become the best choice. It features cyclonic system, multi-level filtration and many on-board tools.


The Cheaper Hand held Vacuum

For cleaning some small mess or furniture you need to have a portable handheld vacuum. These ones are very easy to navigate because in majority they are battery-operated, lightweight and small.
Black & Decker CHV1410L 16-volt Cordless Dust Buster model is loved by customers for the best combination of price and quality. It charges very fast, it has a powerful suction and cyclonic filter system.

Dirt Devil M0914 Extreme Power Handheld Vacuum is a cheaper variant, but is cleans up almost any mess quickly and effectively.


What About the Automatic Robotic Vacuum?

A great way to reduce the time, spent on housework is to buy a robotic vacuum cleaner. It moves autonomously and some modern models even detect spots that may be dirty. You even can set a schedule and let the machine do the cleaning while you can do your own tasks.

At the moment, iRobot Roomba 770 and 880 vacuum models are great. It is quiet, easy to use, effective on any type of surface, easily gets under the furniture. Other great features you can see from the robot vacuums are on the way while I will write an individual review on a particular model.


Is the Lightweight Stick Vacuum Great?

No doubt that stick vacs is another choice for many users because of its similarity to the uprights and the price is cheaper compare to almost all other types of vacuums. Of course the suction power is less and usually it doesn’t have any attachments or on-board tools that come with the cleaner.

The Hoover Linx is one of the best stick vacuum model with great functionality. Of course over the time there are many new models come out to the market. So, it’s good to read the online reviews and test it on the local stores before you really want to get a particular model.